Our Education System;A Great Disservice To Nigerians-Anaenugwu

The highest disservice to Nigerian people is the gift of our education system that has continued to produce certificate tigers . An education system that cannot address the challenges of housing , clean environment,food security,public water supply,constant electricity supply,access to cheap funding , access to affordable and quality healthcare ,good road network among many others, do not worth to depend on . Youths at energetic ages are made unproductive and unemployable because of our copy and paste education system. We should train graduates towards addressing our needs and remove emphasis on certificates. NYSC should be removed and be replaced with compulsory military training after secondary education . This should be followed with skill acquisition to address societal gaps with high monetary motivation.

Our education system should not be modeled after western countries which have overcome the problem of production centuries ago. We should resist this consumption modeled education system designed to keep us as consumers of western products and services. We should do everything possible to encourage local ingenuity and creativity.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an Ambassador of Good Governance Ministry


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