I was at the Sunday mass two days ago somewhere in Enugu.The Church was one of the elitist Churches where you would be forced to believe that everybody was comfortable.

The gospel was well delivered .The Choir was at their best singing like angels from Heaven.Church members including myself and my young family were all putting up smiling faces .The youths – ladies and gentlemen were gorgeously dressed with ladies on their high heels.

As I seated one corner with my family,I sensed the presence of God,my heart was filled with joy. I could feel the fire of Holy Ghost burning inside me.Momentarily ,I forgot my sorrow.I forgot that outside the Church premises,comes the reality of life that I have to buy fuel at N143 for my car and my Gen set.That my income is shrinking with increased bills.That I should continue to agitate that my people be liberated from Nigeria.

Yes,there is always a reality to face but inside the church,we live by the Grace of God.How would anybody explain to those young girls and boys I saw inside Church that Nigeria has no single plans for them.Many of them have got to the age of marriage but alas,no money ,no job.Many have graduated but could not find any place to work.It is either you know one senator,Hon Member or you are related to the Vice Chancellor,Provost or Governor.No new jobs is being created.Public institutions and infrastructures have all collapsed .The federal high road is a dead trap yet millions are inside their various houses jobless .One old man is the minister for works,housing and works.Millions of young people sleep and wake up with zero income at the end of the month.

Worst still,those at the government offices earn income for doing nothing ,perhaps moving files from one table to the other.Politicians are the worst.There is no certificate requirement to go with the name ‘ Politician’ These are the class that earn so much ,unfortunately do not add anything to the Country’s GDP. Looking around,you would have seen 5 mobile policemen following one Hon Member of House of Rep.Did I hear somebody say ‘ Dishon’ .Well,that is for another day.

My attention was drawn to the Church services again.Why wouldn’t these organized clergymen take over the Government! If they can organize the Church service in service to humanity,I guess they can do better in government business.How do we build Church structures? Donation and tilt.Like the Sharia Govt ,the Church can begin to implement the teachings of Christ inside Government.As I was about posting this,somebody tapped me to remind me that Politicians are better than Church Leaders.Again,this discussion is for another day.

Before the service ended ,I resolved to write this piece and to start mounting pressure on the Church Leaders.Let nobody advice me not to judge the ordained men of God.Brothers,these men of God have great influence upon our lives.Any day we can convince them to use their anointing power upon Biafra project,that day I will dance to the lord.

I want to appreciate men of God in this Biafra community and to encourage them to spread the gospel of freedom alongside the message of God.I want to recognize the presence of Bishop Okechukwu from Delta State here.He is a true man of God with special call to serve humanity.He is a Biafran.We expect more men of God to take over this struggle as our people have suffered enough and deserve to live like human.

Ndubuisi is an economist and the image maker of CG-IPOB


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