I will make this writeup commentary very brief, simple and direct to the point. And it should serve as wake-up-call for security details of serious topmost Igbo leaders at this moment in time.

In view of very dangerous time we are in at the moment, and the very dangerous Rubicon we the Igbos in particular are getting ready to cross, all serious Igbo political leaders need special 24 hours security arrangements anywhere in the world, and most especially in Nigeria.

Particularly, this God’s gift to Anambra State in the person of enigmatic Gov. Prof. C. C. Soludo; followed by The Rock (Okwute), former governor of Anambra State and current front-runner for the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Peter Obi. Yes, among all the candidates who have declared so far, Peter Obi is the current front-runner!

I have seen videos of their outings recently, videos of their attendance at political gatherings, social gatherings, socio-political gatherings, the overwhelming crowds of people, which clearly overwhelm their current security details. And most likely the crowd will continue to increase as time goes on, and there is nothing ANYONE can do to reduce it. 250 million Nigerians of all tribes and religions are hungry for good leaders, are yearning for good leaders, and there is no doubt they think or know they have found some. That’s the reason for the crowd and they are bound to increase and nothing will stop this fact.


Inside these crowd at every events and gatherings (political, social and socio-political) lay serious CLEAR & PRESENT DANGERS. And the truth is: there is nothing current security arrangements of these leaders could do about the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGERS.


There is VERY URGENT NEED FOR BETTER SECURITY ARRANGEMENTS for these God’s gift to Igboland in particular and Nigeria in general.

1). PopeMobile type bulletproof vehicles for all events and gatherings.
2). Presidential-type security personnel protection arrangements for all events and gatherings.
3). Security surveillance helicopters, with hitech communication equipments for all events and gatherings.
4). Strategic implementation of security movement protocols, 3 to 4 hours advance party surveillance team for every events and gatherings.
5). Applications of hitech security sweep for metals and lead for all events and gatherings.
6). CCTV Cameras covering every nooks and corners of events venue, routes, etc.
7). Special security dogs, horses, etc.
8). Security drones, robots, etc.
9). Etc, etc.

Gov. Prof. C. C. Soludo, Mr. Peter Obi, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (DG WTO) and their likes will still remain populist while keeping air-tight security arrangements. Security experts know how to balance both.

In times like this, i miss Prof. Dr. Alison Anadi, US-trained and based foremost criminologist, the former President of ASA-USA, an internationally recognized expert on security matters. This area is his specialty. He could pull together the best state-of-the-art global security resources to bear on this matter. We need many Dr. Alison Anadi very urgently, NOW!

About serious Igbo political leaders need for better security, there is this popular Igbo proverb which English interpretation is:

“The kite is never happy whenever he/she sees the graceful posture of the eagle.”

With Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at WTO, Peter Obi at Aso Rock, and C. C. Soludo at Gov. House Awka: this is ‘Penicillin 500 miligram’ we the progressives believe Nigeria need at this time.

This is the moment we all yearn for, long for, work hard for, pray for, and some never believe will ever come. But it has come in our time.

Let us, all Nigerians, take ownership of this moment, and let us all protect it. This is our chance to push, to cross the Rubicon and change Nigeria dilemma forever!

Bonaventure Ezekwenna
B. A. Political Science
Herbert H. Lehman College
City University of New York


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