Peter Obi Speaks About Nigeria’s Situation For 3 Hours On Twitter Space Keeping Nigerians Captivated And Fascinating

For over 3 hours Peter Obi spoke to Nigerians on issues currently plaguing the nation and proffered solutions to them which kept the over 100,000 Nigerians across social media on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc glued listening to him.

I’m sure before now many haven’t spent such time on Twitter space hearing someone but as usual when Obi is live speaking and revealing so many things one cannot but stay fixed and pay attention to this rare breed of leader that is almost impossible to find in the Nigeria political space.

I have already posted some of the snippets from the amazing encounter which was hosted by ParallelFacts and let me just add a few more.

You don’t know a man until you give him money and power. I’m praying for the LP National Assembly Representatives” — Peter Obi

“I don’t have dual citizenship or residency even though I have all that it takes to own one because I am proud of my NIGERIAN PASSPORT. This passport will be great, but it requires all to do the right thing. ” — Peter Obi

Nigeria is strategically located at the centre of Africa and should be the shipping and air travel hub for the continent.- Peter Obi

I have condemned the Sit-At-Home in the East and IPOB has also condemned it so those enforcing it are criminäls and should be dealt with as such— Peter Obi

Lagos govt should come out and apologize, make amends concerning the EndSars so that there will be closure, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if we make mistakes we should make amends because we all make mistakes, Govt makes mistakes, I don’t know it all. Where I make mistakes I say I am sorry, those who have worked with me will testify of this. So that there’ll be peace— Peter Obi

“I was given indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I rejected it. I dumped it and travelled with my Nigerian passport everywhere. As governor, I had a diplomatic passport, but I never used it. I travelled with my Nigerian passport everywhere” – Peter Obi

If you want to earn respect, put your house in order. Nobody respects you when you go around as a beggar. No one will take you seriously when your economy is in shambles – Peter Obi

”Ordinary Nigerians have nothing to do with oil, people who steal oil are people who have something to do with the government”— Peter Obi

“No matter what happens, we will remain peaceful because we have no other country” – Peter Obi

“I know what to do to make sure that every elected person from the Labour party does the right thing.This is why I said you people should join the Labour party, let us remind them why they were voted in the first place.” – Peter Obi*

The elites want Nigerians divided because it suits them the more divided we are the better for them — Peter Obi.

We must remain calm we’re not going to pull Nigeria down no matter what happens. We have no other country to go to. We must build it— Peter Obi

Always remain a reference and exemplary pay back hatred with love – Peter Obi

You cannot Sneak in from the Window and Start Cleaning the House— Peter Obi

Don’t give up, remain resolute, we are one Nigeria we will definitely win— Peter Obi

“If you arrested a ship that has operated secretly for 12 years with 800,000 barrels of crude oil under my watch,
it shouldn’t be destroyed.
It will be arrested and made to account for its operations in the past 12 years—Peter Obi*

I guess sure I missed some of Obi’s incredible outing tonight. You can add the ones you remember if you attended the space meeting.*

One of the highlights for me tonight was when Obi quoted the registration number of the first car he bought which is a Volkswagen while in University. I said haa na this kind man we dey deal with? He’s just phenomenal.*

That’s all for today.

Isaac Obasi


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