Customary Government of IPOB has noted with great concern the mindset of President Buhari that the unity of Nigeria cannot be negotiated. President Buhari posited that he slept with Eze Igbo Gburugburu for two nights where they analyzed the problems of Nigeria and arrived at a conclusion that Nigeria must remain one .This position sounds like that of a man who just woke up from slumber-How does the opinion of two men represent the opinion of over 180 million people? Who nominated President Buhari to take decision for the indigenous People on the oneness of Nigeria?

It is sad and difficult to understand why President Buhari has not come to simple terms that Nigeria is man -made and that the Indigenous People residing in Nigeria have inalienable rights for Self determination. If Buhari understood the Problem with Nigeria, what exactly has he done to solve it for 2 years since he assumed power as the President of Nigeria? Is it not shameful that a President who understands the problem of Nigeria would allow himself to be treated outside his beloved country or even allow his beloved Children to enrol in foreign university?

It is no longer in doubt that Nigeria is a failed state and one expects President Buhari to declare state of emergency on poverty and give immediate hope to millions of Nigerians who are hopeless.CG-IPOB wants to welcome Mr President back home as he resumes office as the President of Nigeria.However,CG-IPOB would always remind Mr President that we  are in democratic dispensation not military era.CG-IPOB wishes to reassure Mr President that Nigeria would remain as one if he supports the quest for Biafra independence. The new Biafra will assist to build Nigeria and will continue to maintain diplomatic relationship with Nigeria just like Nigeria relates with Cameron and other neighbouring countries.Biafra quest for independence is not new in the history of Nations even in a period Mr President is supporting smaller nations to gain independence.

CG-IPOB wants to emphasize that foreigners who have invested in Biafraland will remain the owners of their investment. We shall remain friendly neighbours as the Israelis and the Egyptians are today ,as the Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians are today. The Nigerians will not need Visas to go to Nigeria because both nations are under the ECOWAS Treaty.Moreover; any Nigerian who wants to maintain dual citizenship is free to apply to become a Biafran citizen if he meets the requirements under the Immigration Law. Also, any Biafran who wants to maintain dual citizenship can retain his Nigerian citizenship just as many Nigerians today are British and American citizens.

Why are the people afraid? They are afraid because they lack knowledge of the law. The Bible says that the people perish for lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6.

Let nobody be afraid of the coming of a new nation called Biafra.





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