A coalition of pro Biafran groups which agreed to speak with one voice in one accord with unity of purposes met and insisted on the earlier resolutions on 18th of April after our fifth monthly meeting that the annual May 30th celebration of the Biafran people will hold this year in a unique formula.
The groups which includes the following organisations :-
– Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB),
– Eastern Peoples Congress (EPC),
– Igbo Youth Cultural and Restoration Initiative (IYCRI),
– Bilie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI),
– Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN),
– Biafran National Liberation Council (BNLC),
– Biafran Revolutionary Organisation (BRO),
– Biafran Liberation Crusade (BLC),
– Joint Revolutionary Council of Biafra (JRCB),
– Biafra Revolutionary Force (BRF),
– Biafran Central Council (BCC) and
– Biafran United Liberation Council (BULCO)
And proudly supported by Biafra Customary Government
insisted on a more eloquent and interactive commemoration anniversary where the members and people of Biafra will interface and reflect soberly on the real issues concerning Biafra emancipation.
As every revolutionary struggle for emancipation have its own methodologies, the coalition of pro Biafra groups will continue to introduce new and positive dimensions that will eloquently and convincingly harps on the need of the hours. Until the diverse ethnic nationalities that makes up the Biafra nation comes together, liaise together, interface together and agreed on the strategic ways forward, Biafra actualisation may be a mere wishes.
Coalition of pro Biafra groups is not against any pro Biafra group that prefers to go solo or operate alone.  We know and understands that no singular pro Biafra group can actualise or restore Biafra alone because our people are republican in nature. Everything concerning the future, security and affairs of our people must be discussed by our people.
Pro Biafran groups have unanimously agreed and resolved to jointly observe, commemorate and celebrate the 51 years anniversary of Biafra declaration by our foremost leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu on 30th May, 2018.
Coalition of pro Biafra groups will observe the May 30th Biafra day in a unique form. There will be a candle night procession called holy vigil on the night of May 29th with a team of Christian clergymen coming from Europe, Igbo clergymen, Jewish priests from direct descendants of Gad, the 5th son of Israel and traditional Igbo native priests to celebrate with Biafrans on the night of the great Passover.
On 30th May, the members of all pro Biafra groups and entire people of Biafra will converge in a stadium for the Biafra anniversary convention where two reputable professors from two highly respected high institutions will deliver speeches on Biafra and her glorifications.
The May 30th anniversary convention will also attract notable Biafra leaders from Ikot Ekpene, Ijaw, Igbo, Calabar and Bakassi people. There shall be a special prayers and supplication for the fallen Biafra heroes during the Nigeria-Biafra war and our comrades that were killed by Nigeria security agents including the people of Biafra that died in the hands of Islamic Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.
There will be a candle night procession on the night of 29th May. The people of Biafra all over the world are enjoined to observe the candle night prayers in their respective homes if they can not participate in the holy procession. This year’s anniversary will be celebrated by the people of Biafra not as a pro Biafra group. It is a mark of respect and honour to our father land, it is also a reminder to the visions and commandments of our great ancestors that we are not Nigerians but Biafrans.
We enjoin our people to get ready for the celebration of  this great anniversary which we will hold to remind ourselves to continue the self determination movement for Biafra actualization and restoration.
Signed  >>>
Comrade Uchenna Madu for (MASSOB),
Comrade Felix Anochirimonye for (EPC),
Comrade Rita Anigbogu for (MOBIN),
Engr Innocent Amadi for (BHRI),
Comrade Vincent Ndubuisi for Customary Government of IPOB.


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