Kingsley Moghalu, politician and changemaker, ex-Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Deputy Governor, university professor and former United Nations diplomat, will deliver a series of public lectures this week at the prestigious Oxford University, where he is currently the Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow at the university’s Oxford Martin School, a research institute focused on finding solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

The lectures will cover the subjects of politics, economics, and international relations and diplomacy, in which Moghalu has played global and national leadership roles in the past three decades.

On Wednesday November 24, Moghalu will speak at the Oxford Martin School on “The Political Economy of Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities for Reform”. According to an announcement by the Oxford Martin School on its website, Moghalu will “examine how the the West African country’s foundation as a British colony, and the contemporary challenges of nationhood and political order formation, the resource curse of oil, corruption, and the absence of a strong leadership culture have created incentives for Nigeria’s current dysfunction. He identifies not just seven critical challenges, but also offers seven paths to reform and a longer term resolution of the country’s political and economic challenges. The result, if his prescriptions happen, could be the delayed emergence of Africa’s first truly indigenous global power”.

The former presidential candidate in the 2019 elections and presidential aspirant for 2023 will also lecture on Thursday, November 25 at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, a post-graduate school of public policy that trains leaders in governments around the world. He will speak on the subject of “Emerging Markets in the World Economy: Comparative Advantages and Economic Complexities of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa”. He will then address the Oxford Diplomatic Society the next day, Friday afternoon, in “A Conversation with the Oxford Diplomatic Society on International Relations in the 21st Century: New Problems, New Opportunities”.

The scheduled events, with options for both in-person or virtual participation, are expected to draw senior members of the Oxford University teaching faculty, students, visitors and members of the Oxford community from the United Kingdom and other countries including Nigeria. Moghalu is an Academic Visitor at Oxford for the university’s Michaelmas Term (October to December) 2021.

Source: Sun


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