The political revolution to fix our politics,our environment and our economy have quietly commenced in Anambra State being the light of the Nation. Many are still doubting the efficacy of people movement targeted towards effecting revolutionary change within our society but with Good Governance Ministry in partnership with revolutionary online media platform – BVI Channel 1 ,the rather impossible mission is gradually becoming possible. This is a silent revolution that does not require media hype as the good work will speak for itself.

Some few months ago , many of our followers across the globe did not believe in ballot revolution. To them ,our vote cannot count and people were deceive to believe that boycotting election was the best option . GGM was not discouraged by the people political ignorance and with the cankerworm ravishing the political space – money politics ,promoted and advanced by the visionless and corrupt political class. With determination ,our gospel of ideological politics was sustained through town hall meeting ,radio programs and social media messaging . GGM played a unique and unpopular type of Politics viz public interest driven politics as against personal interest. Politics determines everything but our people have failed to realize that our political ignorance is root cause of our societal problem ,hence the need for a political ministry that would drive a brand new political culture

It is no longer news that things have really fallen apart! Chinua Achebe wrote a long time ago ‘ Things Fall Apart’ but we did not pay attention. It is not about confronting the external enemies alone,it is also instituting the right culture that would encourage hardworking and discourage ‘ego mbute’ . People prefer the easy way out,cutting corners and unfortunately our society celebrates men with questionable characters.

However ,upon all odds ,Anambra State elected a great Reformer – Prof Chukwuma Soludo as the Governor -elect to build public institutions that would facilitate and guarantee Good Governance and public accountability .Public expectation is on the high side as people are dire need for equitable distribution of scarce resources and transformational Leadership.

The message of Good Governance Ministry is spreading like wildlife and cannot be quenched as our God is behind the divine mission. Nobody stops peoples project on rescue mission.

Join the people movement for Good Governance.

Chibuzor Chukwuemeka



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