The Chairman, Electricity Consumers Association of Nigeria, Southeast Zone-Engr Joseph Onyekachi has announced that electricity consumers within Enyimba City will start enjoying 24 -Hours Electricity supply by September this year. The full statement released to BVI Channel 1 Online reads ”As Aba will from September, 2022, become the first city in Nigeria to enjoy uninterrupted, quality and affordable electric power supply, the Great Enyimba City will regain its glory as the country’s capital of indigenous manufacturing, innovation and commerce. Geometric Power Limited (GP), a foremost integrated power company, developer and owner of the Aba Integrated Power Project (Aba IPP), on February 16, 2022, took over the Aba Ring Fence Area from Interstate Electrics Ltd, the core investor in the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EDCC), after an amicable resolution of their differences which arose from the privatization of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) assets in November, 2013. The National Council on Privatization superintended the change of ownership ceremony which was chaired by the Director General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) office in Abuja.

Geometric Power Aba Limited (GPAL), the licensed generation project company of the Aba IPP, generates and supplies its electric power to Aba Power Electric Company Limited (APLE), the licensed electric distribution company for distribution to its customers within the Aba Ring Fence Area, rather than depend on the national grid. Geometric Power also built a 27-kilometre natural gas pipeline from the Shell Flow Station Owaza in Ukwa West Local Government Area to the Osisioma Industrial Estate in Aba where it has a 141-megawatt installed thermal power plant; the power plant is licensed to generate 188MW.

Geometric Power Ltd has also built four (4 No.) brand new distribution substations, one (1 No) brand new generation substation, and refurbished three substations it inherited from the EEDC. Geometric Power has, in addition, built over, 100km of 33kV power lines, 40km of 11kV power lines, 1500km low voltage 400-volts power lines. What is more, it has overhauled most equipment and facilities in the Great Enyimba City and towns around it. In fact, it has done so in nine out of 17 Local Government Areas in Abia State which comprise its distribution service area, with a view to making the people in these places enjoy world-class power supply from September, when Geometric Power Ltd is scheduled to complete all the work required and start power generation for stable, quality and affordable power.

While waiting patiently for the new era of reliable and affordable electricity which will accelerate socioeconomic development of Abia State in particular and Nigeria in general, the people and businesses in Aba and indeed Abia State are enjoined to continue to cooperate and partner with Geometric Power fully in the development of the Aba Power Integrated Project; it is in the interest of all of people in the State in particular and Nigeria at large. Customers are encouraged to pay their bills promptly, while Geometric Power Ltd’s power distribution company (APLE), popularly called Aba Power, strives to provide meters in abundance within the shortest period possible. Electricity consumers are encouraged to report cases of bypassing meter or energy theft which makes a meter record a lower quantum of power consumed. As partners on the journey to bring economic development to the Southeast region, you are required to report such cases to the nearest Aba Power Ltd office. The confidential number to call will be on the back of your electric bill. Any person who vandalizes power facilities should also be reported to the Aba Power Limited office or any security agency.

Constant, quality and affordable electricity supply to the Great Enyimba City and other places in the Aba Ring Fence Area is the responsibility of all of us in Abia State. Let us continue in our own various ways to support Geometric Power Ltd in the development of the Aba Power Project for the good of the people”



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