The Convener of Good Governance Ministry – Chinedu Asuzu has reminded his followers that political power belongs to them .People are the true owners of Government ,hence their abilities to hire Governors, President ,Senators etc to serve them . Comrade Asuzu disclosed this during a weekly radio program at Odenigbo FM 99.1 and BVI Channel 1 YouTube every Monday from 11-12noon

He further stated that the relationship between the people and those hired in Government should be Master – Servant relationship but it is unfortunate that the hired public servants are too comfortable and powerful above their masters – the people .

”Good governance Ministry ( GGM) is a platform that bridges the gap between the people and those hired to be in government. It is the kind of people that produces the kind of government.
If you have irresponsible , nonchalant, careless, self-centered People , they will produce irresponsible and self-centered government. So when people  cry about having irresponsible government, and irresponsible political class, it is because we the people are irresponsible, nonchalant and careless”.

The solution is to take ownership of government affairs and having the public interest at heart.

Collins Ugwu writes for BVI Channel 1 online


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