This country is getting hotter and crazier by the day, seriously I don’t know what to make out of all this, why on earth should some perverted, ambitiously evil-minded guys decide to take the life of their fellow human being just to fulfill some ego.

Ah! Emeka is driving the latest Lexus, why has life treated me this badly, is my case different? After conserving such thought, the only solution is to master mind an easy way to make lots of cash.

This over ambition has led our able young men to see rituals and voodoo as the next option thereby taking bizarre steps to achieve this heinous act.

Only cowards resort to taking wicked measures to gain material wealth, recently rumors have it that guys eat their faeces just to make money. Ideally, most rich wealthy men all over the world solved an impending problem in their society and money, lots of money followed them.

What problem have you identified in your society? Look around you, there are a lot of issues begging for solutions, why eat your shit, kill innocent people and take some vital organs for ritual, why lick peoples pad and toilet tissues, why steal peoples panties and clothes? When you can make enormous wealth from genuine source and still have your peace of mind intact.

Why allow the devil to tell you things that do not define you, you are created with a functional and powerful brain that can solve all your money issues with just thinking of problems surrounding you and creating a solution to solve these problems.

Money is good, in fact in my own theory the love of poverty is the root of all evil, and the holy bible says ‘money answerth all things’ so making money is weighty and forcible. It is paramount to make money because its usefulness can never be over emphasized, in as much as money is essential in our lives doesn’t mean we should be slave to it.

Written by Queen Madu

BVI channel 1


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