It is a pity that our People have become so dishonest in all their ways as to deliberately blindfold themselves from seeing the plain adoption of the LNC/NINAS Grand Script and Framework (especially as encapsulated in the December 16, 2020 CFM Proclamation) by both the Yoruba, the Middle Belt and the Stakeholders International Community.

We now pretend not to understand that what Pastor Paul Adefarasin did was to speak out forcefully on a subject matter that was brought to him two years before as he clearly indicated or that the Diplomats who discussed the matter with him immediately after have never heard of the subject matter before he (Adefarasin) spoke on it in his sermon.

We are now convinced that the Stakeholder International Community is acting in vacuum and that it was all a coincidence that they acted simultaneously (inside the same week), pointing the Federal Government of Nigeria to the Key Prescriptions of the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation.

With the Centrality of the UNACCEPTABILITY of Fraudulent 1999 Constitution to the case built by the LNC over a period of almost 20 Years, which is now adopted by its NINAS Allies in Yorubaland and the Middle Belt as the basis of the Grave Constitutional Grievances listed in the
December 16, 2020 CFM Proclamation cum Union Dispute, we still pretend not to understand that the LEGAL INSTRUMENT mentioned by the European Union refers to the successor-CONSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS that would emerge from the DIALOGUE it prescribed in place of Military Option. Legal Instruments now mean Lawsuits and International Conventions to us, and not the requisite Successor-Constitutional Protocols to the unworkable Unitary Nigeria.

We see no congruency between the Territories Covered by the NINAS Alliance and the SW, SE, SS & MB Alliance which we are now being invited to start building afresh by our wheel inventors even as the NINAS Alliance is almost concluding the Liberation Project it meticulously undertook for almost two decades.

Let is continue in our unrelenting efforts to reinvent the wheel while Igboland is being encircled by the forces of destruction intent upon our extermination.

Let us continue to pretend that the Killings and Military Operation unleashed upon the East had nothing to do with the lunacy of Nnamdi Kanu and his grandstanding ESN who gleefully made videos of Killing Soldiers and Beheading Policemen and who continued daily incendiary broadcasts to urge the largely ignorant “Biafra Restoration” Footsoldiers in Igboland to kill and destroy even as the Igbo US Diaspora (particularly the directionless World Igbo Congress) cheered rancorously and funded the Igbo self-immolation from the safety of their Transatlantic abodes.

*I have no doubt that when sufficient blood is spilled in Igboland on account of the clear-minded criminality and shamelessly moronic methods of the Rogue Biafra Franchise operated by Nnamdi Kanu, but which is being hailed by our demented people, we will draw a distinction between dangerously reckless emotional outbursts we celebrate as action and the measured self-redemption strategy we mock as academic. Perhaps when the Blood Festival Nigeria is warming up to stage in Igboland at the invitation of Nnamdi Kanu and his unknown gunmen gets fully underway, we might become more honest than the self-deceit and selective condoning of evil that invariably cost lives in the Homeland.*

Tony Nnadi
May 19, 2021.


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