Every visit to Onitsha leaves one with interesting insights. Some good, and some others bad. As a melting pot of Igbo commercial ingenuity, Onitsha is strategic, not just to ndị Anambra, but to Ndị Igbo.

Sadly, our dear Onitsha is dead!

Killed by the twin evil of social recklessness and laxity in law enforcement. Like the carcass in Ezekiel’s prophecy, I believe these “dry bones shall rise again”. For this to happen though, I held an interactive session today with Landlords in Onitsha – inland town and adjoining conurbations.

A lot was said, and my team and I took copious notes. However, the exciting take-away from today’s meeting is that the people are hopeful and willing to become progressive partners in the arduous task of resurrecting Onitsha.

Truth is, the “nwa otu” Spirit of Onitsha is undying. And this same spirit resonates in the homegrown solutions that were debated in the hall today.

There is new Onitsha sprouting along the banks of Nkisi and spreading into Akpaka and Nkwele. However chaotic this evolving Onitsha appears, it feels more like an important vital sign that gives credence to the fact that Onitsha isn’t beyond redemption.

Onitsha shall resurrect!

CC. Soludo


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