I do not honestly know what is wrong with Eastern Governors. The Western Governors have a way of resolving issues with agitators for public interest. The Eastern Governors are mostly interested in divide and rule to please the demigods in the north. They see those clamouring for Biafra and good Governance as enemies that should be dealt with.

We have seen how the Yoruba Governors responded to food and security threats from the Caliphate. We have also seen how Benue Governor responded to the same threat from the Fulani Controlled FGN! Alas ,the Eastern Governors go about as if nothing is wrong, surrounding themselves with praise singers . This is what people get the moment they sell their votes to the highest bidder .

We must not make the same mistake in the scheduled Nov 6 Gubernatorial election. We must elect somebody who understands the politics of Nigeria and can courageously defend the interest of Igbo Nation. We are presently at Cross road and should not play politics with the future of generations to come.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu


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