By Charles Ogbu.

The Police IG, Ibrahim Kpotum Idris, has ordered that the vigilante groups set up by governors as a response to the ethnic cleansing the Fulani terrorist herdsmen have been visiting on the non-Caliphate rest of Nigerians be immediately disarmed. In a statement the Niger state-born Cop released through Force spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, all State Police commissioners have been ordered to arrest and prosecute those who refused to turn in their arms within 21 days.

Now here is the criminal double standard in this:

The Police IG DID NOT order that the AK-47 wielding Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen be disarmed. The same fulani terrorist herdsmen this police IG has continued to serve as their spokesman by ordering governors to suspend their anti-open Grazing laws and provide ranches for the private business of this internationally recognized 4th deadliest terrorist group.

The Police IG DID NOT order that the Hisbah police set up by the Sharia-practising northern governors be disarmed.

It is the vigilante which is the only thing stopping these modernity-loathing Barbarians from wiping us off the earth surface that this police IG want disarmed.

For what?

To make it easier for this govt-enabled terror group to kill us without encountering resistance.

And this atrocious order is coming at the same time they are releasing thousands of hardened Boko Haram terrorists from prison and paying them millions and billions in cash and reportedly enrolling them into the Nigerian army.

To stop you from even crying when they kill and maim you, they have used one of their senators to introduce an iniquitious bill in the Senate which will give them the legal backing to hide under “Hate Speech” to hang anyone who criticizes them for their murderous way.

Fulani herdsmen who demonstrate raw Hate by killing and maiming thousands and displacing millions are going about holding press conferences and being defended, funded and protected by the President and his security Chiefs who are all Fulanis but non-fulani peoples of Nigeria who cry out against this unholy matrimony between their govt and fulani terrorists can now be HANGED by this same terrorist-friendly govt.

How tragically ironic!

The brazenness with which these Barbarians are advancing their demonic ethno-religious supremacist agenda is peculiarly peculiar. This is a case of, “We own you. Even your life is ours to give or to take”

Shame on all Southern Senators who are too dumb to see that hate killing currently being perpetrated by the Fulani terrorist herdsmen with govt-sponsored impunity should be of more concerned than citizens expressing frustration at the roguery of their rogue govt.

The real tragedy is,

The victims and casualties of this open war yet go about their business without even realizing they are at war and currently being killed and maimed and few steps away from being completely conquered, owned and enslaved by men whose world views and value system are deeply rooted in feudalism.

And the horde of deplorables masquerading as the Leadership Collective from the affected region are busy talking 2019 election.

Shame, isn’t it?

The obnoxious directive by this obnoxious police IG is one directive every human person has both moral, legal and natural duty to DISOBEY. This atrocious directive must be resisted by all the state governors concerned as well as everybody affected by this Fulani Genocide .


Right to life is not just the most important of all rights, it is also a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT. Meaning, it is our entitlement as humans. It is not the govt’s to give or take.

A Police IG who has repeatedly proven he is on the side of the terrorist herdsmen by REFUSING to protect unarmed law abiding citizens from their attack has absolutely no right whatsoever to stop the citizens from protecting themselves.

The first and most important duty of the govt is the protection of lives and property of the people. A govt that fails in this all important duty is no govt at all. A police force that is incapable of protecting tax-paying citizens is worse than a terrorist group.

Section 33 of the 1999 constitution clearly recognizes Self Defense as a fundamental human right. I am submitting that all victims of the well organized ethnic cleansing being perpetrated by the fulani terrorist herdsmen must activate self defense. This barbaric directive by the police IG is a further testament to the fact that the Nigerian police under him CANNOT be trusted to protect any non-fulani person from the Fulani bloodletting.

Our choices are exceedingly limited:

Obey the Police IG by disarming your Vigilante and sit in your home waiting for the terrorists to come dismember you and your family


Resist this inhuman order by protecting your life and that of your family BY ALL MEANS necessary.

Our life was not given to us by Ibrahim Idris. Since he has proven unwilling to protect us, he has no right anywhere, both in the laws of God and that of man, to stop us from protecting ourselves!

This murderous govt has made injustice a law, we must now make resistance a duty.

source : social media


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