Dear Emmanuel Kanu;

It is important I refresh your memory since you and your entire family have decided to go haywire to eliminate, blackmail and damage the reputation of Simon Ekpa. Before you and your brother’s urchins he deceived to Ubini Ukpabi oath start masturbating on social media, let me briefly bring to your notice that I have no relationship whatsoever with Simon Ekpa.

I have never met Simon Ekpa; spoke with him or his accomplices. As a matter of fact; I am not defending Simon Ekpa, but stating the fact for posterity sake.

This open note is as a result of a tweet you made, accusing Simon Ekpa of killing FRSC officers and causing mayhem in entire Southeast. You further copied the tweet to Finish government; putting Simon Ekpa at risk of defamation or arrest. You didn’t inform Finish government the killings started or was instigated by your brother long before Simon Ekpa began his campaign for independent Biafra.

With this note; I want to remind you how killings started in Southeast and the very person to be held responsible hence you have obviously admitted that killings and mayhem are ravaging Southeast. You also admitted these killings are happening for no reason. This is after your brother, Nnamdi Kanu told us the killings are aimed to restore Biafra.

Your extended families have joined the attack; your in-law openly used black magic on Simon Ekpa; the desperation is getting out of hand and this note might help calm nerves. You all want the struggle to die because your brother got arrested. Simon Ekpa the very man fighting for his release became your arch enemy. This is strange, if you people want to negotiate with Biafra, forget it, it’s dead on arrival.

In 2015 Nnamdi Kanu came to limelight with his deceitful lips; we followed him and projected him. We avoided killings and even when people call your now detained brother for attack; he kicked against it, knowing that if attacks are allowed to happen, it would spill out of hand. Again, he has no military experience and incapable of overseeing a coordinated arm struggle.

We were moving on fine until your brother derailed after his release in 2017. From sacking members to having competition and to sustain his enterprise, he began to do desperate things. He knew he has betrayed but to cover up, he ordered killings.

We called on him to resign because he has nothing to offer anymore; abruptly, prophet Nwoko who championed the cause was mysteriously murdered by your brother and henceforth, internal killings dawned on us. Those that try to correct your brother’s wrongs were murdered after being tagged saboteurs. Blood spilled without remorse and your brother reigned supreme.

Your brother initially ran away from Nigeria and began to order his oath enslaved members to kill Fulani herdsmen. He justified his order but when Fulani herdsmen finished in the bush; his killer members switched focus.

End SARS provided an opportunity once more for Nnamdi Kanu to begin the final onslaught. He urged his members to attack police stations and personnel, take their guns and kill them. This order was strictly adhered to and that led to proliferation of arms. He succeeded in arming his members and from there; he was able to officially launch his personal armed wing called ESN that metamorphosed into Unknown Gun Men.

Instead of the seventeen armed ESN to fight Nigerian military for the restoration of Biafra; the scam turned into money donation business. Kanu made millions through his ESN scam and to prove he is on ground, he sent these armed boys to start killing us after killing Fulani. What more do you expect when you arm jobless youths?

However, the killings sustained and ESN having faced criticism decided to use the pseudo name Unknown Gun Men after your brother was arrested. How did you forget Kanu ordered them to burn police stations and kill? Today, that order is carried out and you blame Simon Ekpa.

The genesis of killings in Southeast started from your brother Nnamdi Kanu because he was desperate to ward off competition and continue to be in position of financial donations. He gained so much that he could wear One Million Naira Fendi at the expense of the deaths of our people.

Simon Ekpa is only calling for the continuation of Biafra agitation but the business your brother began in Southeast has overshadowed his genuine move. Before you blackmail and call out Simon Ekpa; you should be able to ensure your brother asked for forgiveness and rightly forgiven.

You lack the locus stand and moral right to attack Simon Ekpa. Simon Ekpa may have stopped the inflow of fraudulent money your family have been living on, but that is not enough to have forgotten your brother Nnamdi Kanu is responsible for everything you accuse Simon Ekpa.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Address: ifeanyichijioke97@gmail


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