It is a known fact that a lot of Biafrans under the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) family do not know the truth behind the incidents that brought the division in the once united IPOB leadership which comprised the top leaders of IPOB under the command and control structure of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the team leadership structure of the Directorate of State under the care of Mazi Uchenna Asiegbu Omiomio.

It is important that we all know the truth so you will not be fooled by any group of pretenders in IPOB that does not want truth and Justice to reign but are busy “mouthing” and challenging those who know what they have done wrong to come forward and say it. These set of people are also in the forefront of clamouring for peace without demanding justices first.

Biafrans, friends of Biafra, lovers of freedom and men and women of good well should take this unadulterated truth from me: Uche Mefor is evil. Yes! You heard me right. Uche Mefor is the brain that is sabotaging Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafra restoration struggle.

Uche Mefor has had a very negative influence on Nnamdi Kanu. He worked with some parochial interest minded members of Nnamdi kanu’s family and other disgruntled elements in IPOB to feed Nnamdi with lies, deceits, blackmails, half truths, innuendoes and outright falsehoods.

His modus Operandi was to present everybody not in his evil camp as having evil intentions against Nnamdi Kanu.

He succeeded in manipulating the IPOB leadership same way the government of the day succeeded in manipulating the scenarios in the movie Prison Break by casting the innocent characters in the movie as the villains and having them attempting to prove their innocence to the world without success on several occasions.

Uche Mefor took advantage of the fact that Nnamdi Kanu was in prison and thus depended mostly on him (Uche Mefor) and his co-travellers for feed backs on issues round the struggle.

He thus presented other members of the DOS as nursing evil intentions and wanting to take over the mantle of leadership in IPOB. The only saints were him and his co-travellers (those part and parcel of his evil scheming).

Yes! It is said that if a lie is told severally without been countered that it tends to start having the characteristics of truth. This mantra played a key role in the saga as Nnamdi Kanu soon fell for Uche Mefor and his (Nnamdi’s) family evil scheming.

They told him blatant lies upon blatant lies, falsehoods upon falsehoods, innuendoes upon innuendoes, deceits upon deceits, half truths upon half truths and as a man who had limited access to information due to the fact that he was in prison, he finally succumbed to their evil scheming.

In one instance, they even told him that his beautiful wife have issued forces with the accused (Iroanya & Co.) to ouster him from his position.

The plan game was that Uche needed to position himself as a very royal deputy who loves his principal more than every other person. He equally wants to be entrusted as the sole presenter in Radio Biafra London since he knew that he was a very boring presenter who will easily be “cast aside” with the coming of any other ,presenter that knows his onion

Another issue that played a major role in making Uche Mefor to succeed in his evil scheming is the fact that Radio Biafra London is a business venture jointly owned with Nnamdi Kanu.Thus the latter nursed the fear that the former might greedily confiscate the Radio station since it is solely under the former’s care due to the incarceration of the latter. Thus, the latter supported the former blindly since he (the latter a.k.a Nnamdi Kanu) knew the implications of doing otherwise.

It is important to always say the truth because it’s our creed in IPOB and also because the blood of innocent Biafrans killed in the struggle won’t forgive us if we bastardise the struggle with lies. The focus of the struggle under Nnamdi Kanu now is on what the paid freedom fighters within their ranks and file will take home monthly and not about the welfare of the families of the killed and maimed Biafrans or in taking the painful decision of today that will bring the gains of tomorrow as far as Biafra restoration is concerned (A simple investigation will prove this facts).

Uche Mefor thereafter connived with his co-travellers and perfected the acts of lying, character assassinating and blackmailing the DOS and other coordinators that did not support his act of treachery.

In once notable instance, the Uche Mefor camp went to town with the tale that it is was the former Lagos State Coordinator and his elder brother who was the then State Coordinator that took a SIM card in October, 2015 to Nnamdi Kanu in his hotel room Lagos and thereafter betrayed him to the DSS. Despite knowing that the story is a lie from the pit of hell.

In another case, they produced a poorly directed video clip mastered minded by Emmanuel Kanu (Fine Boy), Nnamdi Kanu’s younger brother (which is still on YouTube) that purportedly claimed that over 70 Biafrans from Enugu State were murdered by the DSS Operatives and the then State Executives failed to disclose the facts. It’s to be noted here that the first time this arrest of about 70 IPOB members issue came to my hearing was through Prisca Chiamaka Abel (The then Biafraland welfare officer) which necessitated a free will donation amongst us that heard the story since the cost of their release was put at about N5,500 each. However, the story turned out to be a ruse (Prisca Abel can be contacted for confirmation).

So it was very disheartening that Nnamdi Kanu will later allude to this poorly produced video clip by his fraudulent younger brother and Uche Mefor as a reason for shutting down Enugu State IPOB then. Shutting down the State machinery wasn’t the issue but maligning the whole of Enugu State people as “treacherous lots birthed by prostitute mothers” confirmed that Nnamdi Kanu has become lost in the blackmailing and lying world sold to him by Uche Mefor. And since then he (Nnamdi Kanu) has not disappointed in the act of lying and blackmailing as he has obviously bagged a PhD in the act as his continuous attempt into linking Radio Biafra International to the DSS further confirms. But the question those with probing mind should ask Nnamdi Kanu remains: At what point in time did the DSS start funding the Radio Station he (Nnamdi) personally asked for its establishment? (Well! that is a story for another day).

I want to use this opportunity to advice my fellow Biafrans to shun heroic worshipping, supporting injustice because the man they love is involved, greediness and self centeredness in this struggle. After all, we have not come to restore man but our beloved nation, Biafra. Do not allow your love for any man blind your eyes of reason and your probing mind. Learn to call a spade by itself rightful name and also, learn to do justice to all men no matter whose ox is gored only in so doing will Biafra come.

Also note that the essence of Biafra is to build a nation where reason shall prevail and not a nation will heroic worshipping and teleguiding of citizens happens.

Am appalled when I see those that claimed to be whiter than white and whiter than snow, those that urged us to lead the way in saying the truth at all times even if it leads to our death (that truth is life) now doing the direct opposite of what they preached.

Finally, those that seek for reconciliation must preach justices first. They must stop worshipping Nnamdi Kanu and ask him to stop his blackmails as it is now a stale techniques. He should come down from his high horse and take “ownership” of all evil actions of his deputy, his family, his heroic worshippers (who promoted the division with their insults and lies) and do the needful. Truth and justice must definitely come first before peace can reign.

Written By
Nwachi Anyichukwu & Chuks Ikedigwe


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