Both men have one thing in common, which their love for ONE NIGERIA and total hatred for Biafra.
According to news report, both men recently pledged their undying love for Buhari and Political romance with APC.
Today, their story has really encountered CHANGE……
In their words they said:
“I regret joining the APC, a supposed political party now turned to “a cult group”. A party full of Rogues”.
-Kenneth Okonkwo
“While I was still looking for the venue for the APC Governorship primaries, a friend called to tell me that the election has been concluded & a winner has emerged. APC is fraudulent & occultic”
-Pat Utomi

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  1. Soryy Mr. Kenneth Okonkwo, You can see that Nigeria politics is not about romancing women in the name of film acting on tv screen nor is about ranting absolute rubbish on politics ( referring to your rant about Ibo political future hinging on one individual foreigner). Next time you feel the purse of your people first and the king makers.


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