Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor turned politician, under the umbrella of Democratic Peoples Congress (DPC), against all odds, contested during  the Anambra governorship election and secured a total of 145 votes.

The state’s gubernatorial poll took place on Saturday, November 18. BVI Channel 1 gathered from the father of two who has returned to his base in Lagos after the loss and he painfully spoke about how he was betrayed just few days to the election. He said: “First let me congratulate Governor Willie Obiano on his victory at the polls. The process was a fulfilling one.

Stressful but I would do it all over again for the good of the people, the youths. I think I saw my loss coming towards the end. Three days to election some of my party members went to pay allegiance to another party, accepted money from them and said that I had stepped down. Which they didn’t discuss with me before doing. And it went viral.

I did a video to counter that. But the propaganda had spread so quickly and my supporters thought I had stepped down.  But I hold nothing against anyone, its all politics.” The fine boy Nollywood actor also revealed what’s next for him. “No regrets at all. I’m happy I ventured into it and I have come to stay in politics. And I urge more Nigerian youths to come into politics. We all need to know how our state and country is being run and make contributions.

If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. 95% of the people in Nigerian politics are there to grab money, they don’t care about giving the people good governance. So if we keep waiting for them to change things then we are wasting our time. We need more good people of integrity to come in and kick start the real change we want. Well, I left acting and directing for months to achieve this. And a lot of my people missed me. I missed them too. I’ll be back”

source : social media


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