That Your Little Effort Might Change The Tide

Yes,just by merely spending few minutes to pen down your ugly experience might cause positive change around us.As I write this,I am still in first Bank trying to make cheque lodgement into a corporate account. The cheque was collected from a client who owe the company for many months.

On entering the Bank hall ,I noticed a crowd of about 40 customers with just 3 staffers in attendance.Since mine was just to lodge in Cheque, I was thinking that I should be separated from those depositing and withdrawing  cash but I was disappointed.
 The Head Teller bluntly told me to join the queue.I wanted to know why I should join those who were standing for cash transaction but he could not offer any form of courtesy .As a former Banking Staff who knew the rules,I went to my Account Officer for intervention but he merely said that he would assist which never came.I was forced to queue with cash customers for a transaction that should have taken less than few minutes.I have waited for 45 minutes.At the end of the waiting,the cheque was returned ,alas, that the cheque was not properly drawn! After an hour of waiting !!
My conclusion is that First Bank Plc is no longer interested in customer service delivery nor customers’ satisfaction.The ordinary man on the street will work so hard to make money under harsh economic condition and would be expected to spend the whole day in the bank .Yet ,central bank will expect people to increase their banking habit.
The big question remains : why is Banks using contract staffers and playing down on permanent and experienced workforce? An answer to this question will begin to unravel why Bank Staffers are not enjoying their work.
Banks hold people lives as they warehouse money that determines the flow of human blood.
Ndubuisi writes for BVI Channel 1


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