I thank God almighty for everything because in every circumstances His name must be glorified.
I also want to commiserate with the families of those who lost their loved ones, those who were injured and those who lost money, properties, valuables etc to the pandemonium that followed the END SARS protest in Nigeria. I want to assure us that God is always on our side.

For some months now, People Restoration Mission (PRM) has been trying via social media/radio program to awaken the economic and political consciousness of our dear people. Through our program called GOOD GOVERNANCE MINISTRY, we have encouraged our people to take charge of the political administration throughout the old eastern region ,this is in line with our conviction that political power belongs to the people.

We were actually mobilizing the people in Anambra State for a million man march against open grazing which was to commence towards the end of October. We are aware of the numerous problems bedeviling our society, but our strategy remains consistent with tackling our issues with utmost tact and precision to achieve desired result .

END SARS protest started at the beginning of October in Lagos and like wild fire spread across the country . We had no choice than to support and join the peaceful END SARS protest which were championed by the youths to address societal concern.
My joy today is that the PEOPLE have woken up. The people have realized that POWER BELONGS TO THEM. Though the enemies of the PEOPLE still introduced their usual trick of using ethnic/religious differences and hoodlums to frustrate and hamper the peaceful protest, we all know that presently the same thugs and miscreants they employed against the peaceful END SAR protesters have caused them more harm. Even in some places the hoodlums are still on rampage looting and destroying properties of the state.

Now, one take home for the oppressors is that the PEOPLE are no longer asleep, with the successful END SARS protest POWER IS RETURNED BACK TO THE PEOPLE.
Now, if indeed the people have risen to defend their rights, what should be the next step to achieve total freedom from their oppressive rulers?
Join the program GOOD GOVERNANCE MINISTRY as we continue to educate, sensitize and enlighten our people on the way forward to FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

I’m Chukwuemka Chibuzor
(PRM coordinator Anambra)


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