Breaking – BVI Channel 1 Lost Main Channel

The enemies of Good Governance and public accountability have succeeded in pulling down ,though temporarily ,the voice of the people .

The largest YouTube channel East of Niger with 180,000 subscribers was terminated by YouTube late yesterday night after certain video posted on the Channel was reported by unknown people leading to the Channel being removed from YouTube.

Though the action of YouTube has been appealed but our global fans are encouraged to subscribe to our alternate channel – BVI Channel 1 Plus to sustain our operations , feasibility and ensure that a sane and responsible society is developed. The BVI Channel 1 Team has , in the past 8 years worked tirelessly to serve public interest sacrificing everything to keep the message of freedom and good Governance disrupting to public space .

Once again,we appeal to all those who desire a fair, equitable and just society to rally round BVI Channel 1 Plus . You can send us your financial assistance to remain consistent towards our service to humanity. You can contact us via 08104545533,08112117841.

Click on the link below to subscribe to the new BVI Channel 1 as our determination to build a sane community is unquenchable. Share the link to all your contacts if you desire a modern society.

Chinedu Asuzu
Publisher ,BVI Channel 1


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