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Signed & Sealed: Political Revolution Officially Flagged Off In Biafra Land

It's Now Offical: The freedom we seek is finally here. This is what I called signed sealed and delivered. Biafrans have finally agreed to retire all politicains that have either working against or sitting on the fence...

Many Nigerians Want A Cut From This 100 Million Naira – Charly Boy

So many so called activist and freedom fighters in Nigeria are jobless and simply opportunist. Just very few exceptional ones with uncommon character and consistency can get the people the freedom they desire. This video is...

South East – Our Mumu Don Do Speaks Out On 100 Million Naira Scandal

After the storm comes the victory, Our mumu Don Do Movement is unstoppable. Political stooges that infiltrated the movement to bring it down from inside have been expelled. Here is the press statement of South East...

Full Gist – Charly Boy 100 Million Naira Controversy & Blackmail

Igbo's have always been victim of their love and desire to fix Nigeria. And for every pain Igbos have undergone in Nigeria, there is always a Yoruba factor conspiracy, blackmail and back stabbing playing out. You...

Latest Video!!! APC Nemesis: Rotimi Amaechi Set To Be Dumped In Prison

I WAS FORCED TO SIGN A RESIGNATION LETTER BY CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI —Chief AKPO Bomba YEEH "I was forced to sign an un-dated letter of resignation as the Deputy Governor of Rivers State to pave way...

VIDEO!!! Top Secret Exposed: Nigeria Economic Conspiracy Against Igbo’s

This is no joke nor a Hollywood movie.... We must free ourselves before it is too late. I saw it with my eyes, I recorded it and I must expose it.... This is a video with historical...

Tinubu – We Can’t Trust Igbos In Our Land (Trade Fair Inside Story).

If you are Igbo man or woman, just leave whatever you are doing and watch this video to the end. ''You Igbo's Abandoned Your Place And Came To Lagos To Drag Trade Fair With Me'' The...

Biafran Blood Running Through My Vien Is Hot Enough To Boil Nigeria

She has a meesage to all Biafran brothers and sisters. The aim of this video is encourage Igbo sons and daughters, home and abroad to speak Igbo language and teach ssame to their children. Igbo language...

CCF Homeland Discovery – Igbo’s Cannot Be Threatened Anymore

This is the last time my people will be intimidated or threatened as though we don't have a homeland. Watch this and grab the opportunity. Talking about think home philosophy, it starts by having a...

Burn It Up With Me Because Sometimes We Eat Poison.

This is the very first episode on BVI Channel 1 Keep Fit program. We are not just interested in informing you about happenings in politics and agitation for freedom, we also want to add value...

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