There are 3 most important days in anyone’s life, that is the day you were born, the day you get married and the day you are buried.

Marriage is the only event you took part in the planning and you would like it to be memorable that is why we bring you:

5 things we do to make your wedding a Special one.

  1. Video Invitation – Lets you Invite your friends, family and well wishers to your event via Social media.
  2. Bridal Shower Video – The single’s night with you bea’s
  3. Expression of love & Commitment – You renew you love everyday with this.
  4. Resounding Banquet Party – That is where the entire fun fair is displayed in grand style
  5. Red Carpet Show – You are celebrating a special day, it is important you do it like a celebrity.

Contact us and book you event this season:

Call: 08104207522 or 08104545533





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