The bitter truth is that no single individual can give us freedom. This is so because every individual, being a mortal, has his lapses. There was a time I called someone superman, but that was in reference to the popular perception held by our foes. There is actually no superman in the world.

Little drops of water that form tributaries that flow into a spot can make an ocean. I need you as much as you need me. We need each/one another. I talked about the broom philosophy in one of the pieces I advanced in support of coalition. You can break a broomstick, but you cannot break a broom, which is a collection of broomsticks.

Regional consciousness is better than group consciousness. Yes, it starts as group consciousness, but if it does not extend to the entire region, then it ends as a PRESSURE GROUP. Every group in the struggle for the liberty of the entrapped Eastern Region must be seen as a means to an end. The formation of these groups should never be for the aggrandizement of the actors therein. This is where we are getting it wrong.

Furthermore, it is not a matter of how many groups we have fighting for freedom, but how they have been able to work together. We need to work together. Yes, we can fight, but the fight must contribute to the freedom project. Kanu and Dokubo are just two of the numerous active forces fighting for the liberation of the oppressed. Both Asari and Kanu have the right to disagree over defined and undefined issues. Their agreement has not given us freedom, has it? So their disagreement cannot stop the struggle. Simple.

We must find a way to harmonise the thoughts of the traditional and political stakeholders in our region. As long as we continue to make progress in a direction that is different from that of our stakeholders, the freedom project will continue to elude us. Those that have chosen to abuse elders should beat a retreat. Those elders are the ones we need at this stage. The revolution must go beyond protests /rallies. Without the stakeholders we cannot penetrate world bodies. That is the truth.

A regional summit is needed now! A lot of those commenting online have not even been in a meeting with any stakeholder. We can begin to understand their ignorance. Unity is the only way out. We must come together to know what we need.



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