Like the voice of a raging lion, his voice thundered and the British colonial contraption called Nigeria trembled, the false foundation holding Nigeria was threatened.
His name is Nnamdi Kanu.
Following his incarceration by Buhari led government, a widespread of protest erupted across Nigeria especially in the south east, demanding for his release.
His courage saw him through and the bars of Nigeria prison gates could no longer hold him down. There was Jubilation across the land as the man of the moment storms out of prison.
He vowed it is Biafra or Death, and indeed many died defending his quest for Biafra freedom.

At this point, Nigeria armed forces under the command of Buhari, descended on South East with Operation Python dance… it was horrific, blood sorrows and death became the new order. Once again, brave Biafran youths made good their vow, it is Biafra or Death.
Nnamdi Kanu Disappeared with his parents, the flags were lowered, Biafra people were declared terrorist and the hope for freedom seems to have come to an end.
Like the second coming of the messiah, prophecy was made about his return.
Today, we have seen that prophecy come through, and he is set to address his followers from Israel.
Now he must address these questions if truly, he is whiter than white.
Who is behind his Disappearance and sudden reappearance?
Is his return an act of God or Politically motivated?
What about Election boycott, will he stand on it or will he work towards terminating Buhari’s government by 2019?
Who will benefit from his decisions and actions – Biafra or Nigeria.
This is BVI Channel 1, Voice of the people.

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