Zamfara born Kadaria Ahmed is a Journalist with high reputaion in Nigeria.
She anchored NTA Presidential Candidates Town Hall Series.
She knew and understood the security challenges of her State and other parts of Nigeria, especially the North.
She also knew this government have failed her people and Nigeria at large with respect to issues on security of lives and properties.
She had the chance to bring this government failure forward during her interview with President Mohamed Buhari.
But did she? No she did not.
She was one of the strongest voices that mobilized Northern Nigeria to support APC government, especially her own state, Zamfara.
But today, her sister has fallen victim of inseucrity in Zamfara State.
Her people are being killed without mercy and the government of APC which the loved so much have abandon them.
Kadaria can no longer travel to her home State and she is crying bitterly.
What is happening in Nigeria is a clear indication that Nigeria is a failed State and the current government is a failed government.


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