Presidential Candidates to Pay N10M before Mounting their Posters in Anambra State

PRESIDENTIAL candidates of the various political parties who wish to mount or paste  their posters anywhere in Anambra State for the purposes of the 2023 elections are to pay N10m, according to a statement by the Anambra Signage and Advertising Agency(ANSAA).

A public notice issued yesterday by the managing director of the agency, Mr. Tony Ujubuonu also said that senatorial candidates are to pay N7 million, while House of Representatives candidates are to pay N5 million. Similarly, those wishing to contest for the state House of Assembly are to pay N1 million.

The agency also pegged the statutory costs for out -of- home media and mobile advertising at  N100,000 for 48 sheets billboards, N500,000 for spectacular billboards, N500,000 gantry displays, N100,000 for irregular shaped billboard; N50,000 for branded vehicle and N5,000 for tricycle rear branding respectively.

The state government has also banned the pasting of posters on bridges and road demarcations along the streets of the state, just as it prohibited the pasting of campaign posters on street light poles; roundabout and other public buildings.

According to the notice, materials for advertising such as posters, public address system, banners, fliers, bunting, T-shirts, caps and sundries must be fully paid for and approved by the government authorities before they could be displayed for public consumption in any part of the state.

The payments, the government said, are to be made to the state’s revenue account before pasting the posters anywhere, waring that politicians who default in the payments would face legal prosecution before the election.

The notice further said that every billboard must be displayed through a registered advertising practitioner after the advertising content must have been vetted by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, APCON.

Campaigns for the 2023 general elections will officially commence next month according to the time table of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.





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