As stated in our Manifesto and repeated during the election campaigns, I have committed to giving everyone who has the requisite competencies, capabilities, and relevant valuable contributions to the good governance of Anambra State an opportunity to do so.

Therefore, to enable an accessible, open, credible, and competitive process, I have approved the launch of the online system to collect information on available competencies, experiences, and passion through a platform;

This platform is designed for Ndi Anambra to “Express Interest ” in volunteering or seeking a political appointment or career in paid public service positions. This Talent DataBank offers a transparent and level playing field for talent search and team selection processes that are consistent with our vision.

We hope to attract problem-solvers with passion, competence, capacity, and integrity who are interested in joining a team of other selfless public servants to transform Anambra State into a livable and prosperous smart megacity.

We have a comprehensive outline of political offices, public service, and volunteer options on the Talent DataBank platform to choose what aligns with your competencies, experiences, and passion.

Please write in the relevant section of the form your Value Proposition that shows what problem (s) you would like to solve for Anambra, how you intend to solve them, and what makes you the fit and proper person.

Please complete your submission on

no later than February 28, 2022. Also find in the attached video the approved Social media handles for this project.

God bless us all Immensely.

CC. Soludo


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