Police officers in Nigeria have in recent times come under the eye of the people owing to the unhealthy and unlawful attitude of some security personnel towards members of the public.
This played out in the recent harsh tag End SARS which resulted in the destruction of public and private structures across the country and killing of some security personnel.

This action introduced a divide between the people and the police as each saw the other as an enemy and threat .
However while all these were happening, some police officers took it upon themselves to lead by example by exhibiting high professional attitude in their relationship with members of the public.
One of such Officers is SP N Nwode , the Zonal Police Public Relations Officer of Zone 13 Ukpo, Anambra state.

Just recently she was promoted to the rank of an SP alongside few other senior personnel who the Assistant Inspector General of Police in the Zone described as lucky people .

Ever since Princess Nkiruka Nwode was promoted, several high ranking individuals and groups have been taking their turns to commend the IGP for recognizing the professional conduct of the ZPPRO, which according to them, will no doubt spur her to even aim higher .
One of such groups is members of Road 26 Ngozika Housing Estate , Awka who came in their numbers to commend the amazon and image maker of the police in the zone.
According to their spokesperson, Sir Henry Udoye , Princess Nwode has indeed impacted many lives through the way she attends to issues brought to her table an even the way she interacts with people on the streets.
Sir Udoye said if majority of the police officers across the country could behave like Nwode towards the society, there won’t be any need to embark on protests but rather the people will help the security agents to fight crime in full force.

Another resident , Mr Silvester Offodìle said through her smart dressing ,attitude, and professionalism in handling of matters of public interest, SP Nwode has changed the perception of many about the Police Force in Nigeria.


In an interview, the Founder of an NGO, ABU foundation, Mr Maduabuchukwu Attah described her as a woman with good heart who intervenes in many matters with the sole interest of peaceful resolution of issues without monetary attachment .

In her response , the Zonal PPRO, SP Nkiruka Nwode thanked the people for recognizing her efforts towards rebranding the image of the Police both at work and in the estate where she lives.
She reiterated her commitment to even become a much celebrated corps with obedience , loyalty and dedication to duty.
The people who came in their numbers later presented a large portrait photography to Nkiruka Nwode in recognition of her dedication to service.



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