I left the rogue now terrorist group IPOB-IPONK in late, 2017, on a clean record of no form of any atomic allegations whatsoever, prior to that I’ve already started questioning some ills activities in the group. I was true to my service to the rogue now terrorist group and I was honest, fearless, committed, passionate, selfless, and humble at the time I held sway as the Media Officer Onitsha-South of the rogue now terrorist group.

These idiots expelled in recent months from the rogue terrorist group from, 2020, are not necessarily fighting the monster but they are positioning to enthrone themselves as the supLim Reader did when he presented himself as saint, gave us high hopes, castigated and maligned every souls threatening his enthronement painting them as evil.

From Uche Mefor down to the least expelled idiot, they are all worst than the supLim Reader of the IPOPIGS-IPONK, they have been complicit in the illicit deliberate exploitation of our people ab initio, sponsored and led many to deaths, destroyed many lives, rendered many incapacitated due to injuries sustained from gunshots and tortures from incarcerations, rendered many useless and above all rendered many senseless.

Until they start telling us the contents of the oath they administered to people or supervised its administration to people before the sacred shrine of Ibini Ukpabi.
Until they tell us those who gruesomely murdered Anthony Nwoko.
Until they start telling the very contents of the signed, sealed and delivered documents of 2019.
Until they start telling us how he landed in Israel starting from how he left the palace in a military convoy been driven in the jeep of one of his most trusted top security protocol.
Until they start telling us what they went to do at the EU building.
Until they start telling us those that benefitted from the Allen Onyema’s sponsorship to US.
Until they start telling us how they were complicit in returning the drunk in Agu Awka for his second tenure in guise of OFE-NSALA DAY.
Until they start answering these few pertinent questions then we will all know how to classify them but for now they are fighting to position themselves by dethroning the very monster they aided in his evil acts.

Nwafor IfeanyiChiukwu Awgu,
Concerned Biafran, Writes from Fegge, Onitsha South.



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