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Biawood: My Pant (Queen & Maureen Episode 2)

A beautiful moral story ''All that glitters is not gold'' When something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't true at all. This is a warning and a lesson that everyone should learn. Biawood is our movie...

Northern Nigeria Is Burning: Biafrans Get Set For Political Revolution.

Zamfara born Kadaria Ahmed is a Journalist with high reputaion in Nigeria. She anchored NTA Presidential Candidates Town Hall Series. She knew and understood the security challenges of her State and other parts of Nigeria, especially...

Fact Finding: Who Set Owerri Airport On Fire? (Full Video Report).

Ndigbo will not fold their hands and watch the very few facilities in our land go down in flames. A full scale investigation must carried out to ascertain the real cause of this fire are...

Rochas Okorocha: You can’t Be An Emperor In Igboland & Succeed.

This is how we plotted and executed the downfall of Rochas Okorocha in Imo State. Ihedioha and others Must Learn From What We Did To Rochas Okorocha.

Biawood: Queen and Muareen Husband Palava.

This is not just drama, it is much more than that. This is Biafra in view, putting the collective aspiration of Biafra People in a dramatic perspective. Subscribe to the new BVI Entertainment Channel.

Bia-Wood: Biafra In View Cooming Soon… BVI Entertainment Channel

We are launching the Biafra Movie Industry officially. This is Biafra in view, putting the collective aspiration of Biafra People in a dramatic perspective. Please ensure to subscribe to BVI Entertainment Channel.

Fundamental Truth About Biafra You Need To Know – Prof. Nwala

This is a top prioty video for every Biafran and Igbos in particular. Biafra Is Symbol Of Peace But If You Bring War We Shall Fight Back Prof Nwala speaking while addressing pro Biafra organizations...

Signed & Sealed: Political Revolution Officially Flagged Off In Biafra Land

It's Now Offical: The freedom we seek is finally here. This is what I called signed sealed and delivered. Biafrans have finally agreed to retire all politicains that have either working against or sitting on the fence...

Many Nigerians Want A Cut From This 100 Million Naira – Charly Boy

So many so called activist and freedom fighters in Nigeria are jobless and simply opportunist. Just very few exceptional ones with uncommon character and consistency can get the people the freedom they desire. This video is...

South East – Our Mumu Don Do Speaks Out On 100 Million Naira Scandal

After the storm comes the victory, Our mumu Don Do Movement is unstoppable. Political stooges that infiltrated the movement to bring it down from inside have been expelled. Here is the press statement of South East...

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