In line with GGM resolve to sustain the campaign for good governance in the entire Nigeria and beyond this year general election , here are GGM guiding principles that will serve as the organisation Code Of Conduct .

These principles will guide the individual members of GGM and protect the organization norms,rules and responsibilities in order to deliver on Good Governance within our immediate environment.

1. To be an advocate of good governance in all dealings.

2. To preach and practice goodness that would improve the living standard of humanity

3. To be an advocate of social justice system where all is treated with impartiality and fairness.

4. To be an advocate of a modern economy that rewards productivity and innovation and discourage rent- seeking dependency.

5. To be an advocate of a democratic society that is republican and right – based.

6. To be an advocate of a social security system that provides for disability, distress and disadvantage without undermining the incentive for productivity.

7. To be an advocate of a public sector that is efficient , accountable and transparent .

8. To be an advocate of internal democracy in our political party operations and zero tolerance to corruption .

8. To be an advocate of merit in state and regional government operations, and in job recruitments.

9. To be an advocate of true federalism where Six Regions will be autonomous .

10.To be an advocate of resources control .

GGM Admin


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