This is to specially appeal to Solution Government to reconsider the process of obtaining waiver for private motorcycle and the amount levied on impounded motorcycles in ARTMA office, Awka.

I write for public interest. I met one of the Electricians whose motorcycle for private use was impounded and moved to ARTMA office. The Electrician was told to pay N30,000 for the release of the motorcycle. For one month ,he has not been able to raise the money before I met him . I promised him that I will talk to the office .

I called an Officer in ARTMA office who told me that they have more than 1000 motorcycle in their office ,that the Electrician should pay N30,000 for his motorcycle, hence this appeal to reconsider the penalty to enable some genuine and private motorcycle users opportunity to process their wavers .

In my sincere opinion , Government should show empathy to the low income earners . I appreciate the security situation that necessitated okada ban in Anambra State ,however , execution of the ban should not affect the innocent motorcycle users . The hardworking citizens should be encouraged .

This is the Electrician phone number 08060253952

Thank you as I look forward to your timely intervention.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu writes from Good Governance Ministry (GGM)



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