Open Letter To Soludo Government- GGM Cares

Dear Mr Governor ,

You promised to be given us a monthly inflows and outflows of Anambra financial transactions and establish a contact centre where people of Anambra will be interacting with the Government !

We are close to five months since you resumed duty as People Governor . You are yet to keep these promises .

GGM will continue to remind you of those promises that made us to support you even without any form of inducement . We trust your sense of judgement but please watch your back as report we are getting is that some of those working with you are not serving public interest. Pls ,do make government appointment unattractive. It should be service to the people not service to few elites around the corridor of power. I don’t understand what successful businessmen are doing in your government ,they should be partners . Conflict of interest cannot be ruled out .

GGM cares


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