Few days ago ,GGM Team and BVI Channel 1 were at Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah residence to confirm the trending news on social media that Nnewi , the largest motor (cycle) spare parts market in Nigeria has ingeniously created a local security system to secure the town and it’s environment from daredevils .

Before the visit , stories of kidnapping for ransom and ruthless killing of innocent victims have constantly been part of beer parlour discussions . This insecurity situation has affected the volume of business transactions as well as human movement throughout Anambra South Senatorial zone. A reliable source from Nnewi confirmed to me that 5 of his friends inside Nnewi market have all relocated to Lagos because of fear of kidnappers .

Surprisingly ,many families within the zone have organised traditional marriages in Abuja and other major cities in Nigeria. Nnewi that used to be beehives of business activities has now become a ghost land because of activities of kidnappers . These daredevils have been running riot attacking and burning police stations and other government facilities. Security agencies seemed to be handicapped. Under Obiano Administration , criminals took over 7 local government areas in Anambra South with camps established in more than 10 locations . These local government areas were under strict occupation of these daredevils hiding under freedom fighters . Luckily, Prof Soludo has declared war against these criminal elements but his efforts have not totally handled the situation as security is known to be local .

It is an established fact of law that the primary purpose of Government is security and welfare of the people (section 14(2b). Without a secure environment, Government cannot create economic prosperity and sustainable happiness.

The intervention of Sen Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is timely,hence our Team visit to Nnewi was quite revealing . From what we observed in Nnewi ,it is obvious that the people are determined to take back their environment. Sen.Dr Ifeanyi Ubah has showcased how to organize the people to secure their communities.

Indeed ,security operations must be localized to be effective and Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has proven that there is urgent need to decentralize security system in Nigeria for a secure society .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an Ambassador of Good Governance Ministry.


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