You use my Content to make Money, it’s Fair you Pay me- Apostle Suleman to Bloggers/youtubers

Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Miniseries, has told bloggers and youtubers to pay him every time they insult him. In a video on

Twitter, the servant of God had this to say;

“There is a pattern going on right now and I need to address it. That a lie has been in office for a long time does not make it the truth,” the man of God said.

He continued his speech by referencing what he called a strategy used by bloggers and YouTubers to get massive views, likes and comments.

“Their strategy is to attack pastors,” he said. “And I am a popular candidate.”

“I don’t have a problem with the insults,” he said. “What I have a problem with is the fact that YouTube pays you at the end of the month. If you want to insult me, then pay me!”

He continued by saying that one million insults are not enough to bring down a true man of God. He said that insults can only bring down a man of God who does not have proofs of his calling.

“Was it not here that they brought a blind child whose eyes were opened? Will you now tell the father of that child that this man of God is fake?” the Apostle said.

He ended by acknowledging the fact that he has the right to sue anybody for defamation of character, regardless of the country where they reside.

I couldn’t agree more. You see, people have chosen the attacking of pastors and ministers of the gospel, as a means of making money. It is only fair that they pay the people, who give them the inspiration for their work.

I wonder if Christians everywhere don’t see the massive strategy of the devil in this end times. Ministers of the gospel were not attacked in this intensity in the past. I bet Satan is thinking that by discrediting the instruments God uses to bring the gospel to the people, he can discredit the gospel and stop people from placing their trust in Jesus.

Christians everywhere should look at the real agenda, and get on their knees to constantly pray for their pastors and ministers of the gospel, as the devil will only keep increasing the intensity of the attacks as the end of the world approaches. Be blessed.


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